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Bourne (1905) — Combining hexagon and circular characteristics and discreetly applying it to this fr..
Brother Rabbit (1882) — This frame features a typical square style with acetate rims and metal templ..
Corncockle (1883) — Winged corners and part covered rims make for a bold and unforgettable statement..
Golden Lily (1897) — Double lined glistening acetate, cat-eye inspired design and hints of glossy me..
Lodden (1884) — A protruding acetate brow line with a cat-eye flair makes for an intriguing throwbac..
Millefleurs (1914) — This beautiful cat-eye inspired frame with acetate rims and metallic hinges off..
Poppy (1880) — Shaped into a simple yet classic circular frame along with a fine layer of acetate ma..
Riverwind (1881-83) — A classic round frame that’s still iconic in today’s current fashion, yet pair..
Seaweed (1901) — Acetate rims and winged corners give this frame a bold and sophisticated look. Alon..
Wandle (1884) — This beautifully crafted frame with oval rims and acetate sides make for a modern an..
Willow Bough (1887) — A classic round frame paired with delicate rims and a solid layer of acetate u..